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Why do Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry Require a Pharma Software?

Efficient business processes, centralized management, prompt decision-making, and clear analytics have become vital for any business including pharmaceutical businesses to grow in today’s market.  Here NEWTON Pharmaceutical Software come into play. It not only enables the consolidation and integration of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes across multiple units but also helps businesses to track operations throughout the organization.

What is Pharma Software?

It is a diverse application that empowers the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to run its operations smoothly while providing seamless notifications about every pending task. Pharma software allows manufacturers to maintain inventory, distribution, billing, sales and purchase, and much more in the best possible way.

Why the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry needs a pharma software

Inventory Management

Dealing with inventory in the right way is one of the most important parts of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. So reliable pharma software helps to keep track of information related to inventory so that you can refill at the time right. Moreover, it prevents wastage by notifying of pending tasks.

Handling Distribution Process

Distribution is an extremely complex process in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. It involves several steps which makes it difficult to manfully track the inventory while increasing the chances of errors. However, with the right pharma software, these issues can be addressed in the best possible manner. It monitors all the inventory batches until the delivery.

Real-time Updates

With pharma software, you get real-time updates on low inventory levels and expiry stocks. As a result, you can maintain the efficiency and productivity of the unit.

Marketing and Sales Management

You get an option with pharma software to regularly maintain all your sales orders. With this, you can keep a record of customers’ history and automatically place sales orders as needed.

Data Reporting

Data reporting is an essential part of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry because of the considerable compliance as well as statutory vigilance at every level. You require to keep all the documents safe for future analysis. So pharma software plays a vital role here as well. It allows you to record everything and access that whenever you want.

Error Detection

Manual processes are always prone to human errors. However, using pharma software eliminates the chances of such errors thus improving overall quality while reducing management costs.

Centralized Database

Pharma software allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to store all the related information in a centralized location. Users can utilize a cloud-based system that delivers data at their fingertips and can be accessed remotely.


So are you ready to manage growth and customer satisfaction, achieve compliance, reduce cost, and establish effective distribution and sales? NEWTON ERP Software for Pharmaceutical is an industry-specific business solution to help pharmaceutical manufacturing, distribution, and retail businesses. For more insights, feel free to get in touch in touch with us today.