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Metal Fabrication

Fabricate your success and Live your Enterprise Potential with Newton.
In the metal fabrication industry, responding faster to customer needs and fulfilling orders on time is the key to success. Your profit depends on how effectively you control your raw-material costs and how efficiently you utilize your machine and manpower resources. Use our ERP for steel industry.
Whether you are a Cold rolling plant or pipe manufacturer or sheet metal component manufacturer or Value add product business, Newton Metal Fabrication solution helps you address the challenges unique to your industry. Whether you manufacture just the metal alloys or you are a rolling mill you need to monitor your material movement and input costs accurately. You also need to optimize your production capacity to get more from what you have. And your quality has to meet customer requirements all the time. Cost of poor quality could be very expensive and killing at times.
In your metal processes, your raw material and semi-finished products are taken through different treatments and production processes. For e.g. in Steel Cold rolling you may have Annealing, pickling and others. Newton will track complete process history with parameters and material attributes before and after processing for every material in your plant whether it is strip or sheet or product. It will also show you the conversion and process cost incurred so far on each and every material lying in your production unit.
With Newton’s ERP for Steel Industry you get number of opportunities to reduce your costs and increase your margins by effective procurement spending, capacity utilization and resource optimization. With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to build your revenue and increase your margins with proper business management.


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