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In trading business your successes depends on your capability to source products better and cheaper than others and keep your costs low. With Trading business becoming global and customers having choice to source products from any country, as a trading organization it is important for you to meet price expectations of your customers. This leaves you with very little room to make money in most transactions. What can make the difference is an effective system which integrates your processes and help you track costs at every level t provide you profitability/ contribution at order and invoice level
Everything just has to be right in trading – the product, quality, price, time and place. Precisely interlocked logistics and ability to monitor every event and activity involved in different processes in trading business from Enquiry to order to delivery to payment collection is a significant requirement to succeed. This will help you provide additional services and committed quality and on-time delivery to maintain the trust gained from the customer and to maintain a long-term connection.

You may be a trading organization with

  • Buying and selling within your country
  • International trading company doing Imports or Exports or both
  • Commodity trading company
  • International trading company working as Agent
  • File GSTR-3 created by GST Portal based on GSTR-1 and 2 and other info and tax paid.
  • Third Country Trading company
Your challenges are enormous and sometimes can make your perceived profitable business into a loss-making enterprise. Global money and commodity markets are not in your control and affect your business contracts and transactions on daily basis. Newton will help you make more money from what you have and will help you discover what you need to do.
Newton integrated ERP Software and CRM Software capabilities generate a comprehensive view of your company operations, invoice-wise contract-wise profitability and employee productivity, allowing you to:
  • Maintain cost-sheets product-wise contract-wise
  • Monitor actual expenses v/s budgeted in cost sheets
  • Streamline expense management and eliminate or reduce certain expenses
  • Contract accounting & management
  • Task accounting and management.
  • Better Resource utilization
  • Manage Exchange and Commodity rates fluctuation impact on your business
  • Improve service quality
  • Grow margins
Newton automated processes and our ease of customization will help you to drive new business intelligence, business efficiencies, identify profitable service offerings and enhance financial results.
Benefits of Using Newton
  • Improve customer retention through speed of response, advice, timely deliveries and quality compliance.
  • Get More out of your investments through lower inventories, AR and AP management, lead times and relationship management.
  • Lower stress on people and resources through better management of procurements, price and exchange monitoring, deliveries and financial management.


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