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For Real Estate Businesses, Newton helps you define your products project-wise/phase-wise, effectively define sale prices and policies, manage enquiries, negotiate prices and sales, automate process of demand letters and reminders, automatic or semi-auto mechanism of interest posting as per the policy, manage handover of property, manage customer relationship and so on.

  • Manage Call-centre operations for sales enquiries as well as customer complaints & grievances.
  • Allocate calls to respective sales or customer relationship or service executive and departments based on business rules.
  • Manage enquiries from other sources
  • Monitor Enquiry/complaint status at different levels.
  • Create property inventory for each project and phase.
  • Define partner relationships and terms with brokers, dealers, etc.
  • Manage product pricing and terms – construction linked, time based or hybrid.
  • Effectively manage price escalations or de-escalations.
  • Automate process of instalments, demand letters, reminders and cancellation notices.
  • Auto or semi-auto or manual posting of interest as per terms specific to a contract or as a standard company policy.
  • Manage your accounts receivables.
  • Monitor and measure people and department performance.
  • Generate sales commissions or brokers pay-out details.
  • Manage property handover process with on-line documents maintenance to ensure compliance.
  • Monitor your geographical spread project sites and people from anywhere at any level.
  • Enforce controls and policies through system to ensure your management resources are used effectively.
  • Monitor project and activities costs and profits from any level to determine overall, real-time business performance and financial impacts.
  • Mange your Cash flow with confidence.
  • Integrate your functions and processes from field to project sites to warehouses to sales offices to Head office.
  • Achieve financial control and invest more in your business doing more projects.


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