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Automate and integrate financial processes like Billing, Cash Management, Expenses, Financial Analytics, Payables, Planning and Budgeting, Purchasing, Receivables & Risk Management. Newton is offering you the industry’s best accounting software

Newton Enterprise Billing allows you to customize, calculate, and submit invoices in multiple currencies and languages. Manage bill cycles and streamline processes to create a billing system that reflects the way you do business. Newton Billing will integrate with Newton Order management, CRM and Accounts Receivables to give you complete integration you need. NEWTON automates the entire sell to cash cycle ensuring that your organization has best practices in place at each process stage.

Cash Management
NEWTON Enterprise Cash Management enables you to monitor and forecast CASH FLOW, perform automated bank reconciliations, distribute payments efficiently and securely, and automatically generate accounting software entries. It will help you handle all payment and receipts with a facility to integrate with banks and customers and suppliers.
NEWTON Expenses will help you monitor your expenses and analyze these at cost- centre and sub-cost centres level. You will be able to monitor the cost of each individual transaction and allocate each expense to the activity or transaction.
Financial Analytics

NEWTON Financial Analytics provides the tools you need to develop, manage, and measure corporate strategies that can drive the most profitable growth. Successful organizations drive accountability for profitability down to the line to people, products, geography, branches, partners, customers through NEWTON to run run their organizations in the most effective and profitable manner possible

Accounts Payables
Newton Enterprise Payables is a business software application that enables you to efficiently manage your payments with strong control and integration with matching Purchase Orders, approvals and payments.
Planning and Budgeting
NEWTON – Financial Planning and Budgeting system will help you align your business plans with operational budgets. Newton Planning and Budgeting offers an unparalleled solution for implementing, monitoring, and adjusting financial objectives and deploying these objectives to all levels of the organization in real time. You can continuously see budgets v/s actual performance at any level whether it is departments, branches, product groups and immediately work out responses to changing business conditions.
NEWTON Enterprise Purchasing solution will help you effectively manage purchase order processing with tight policy enforcement and control. Integrated with business rules to enforce policy it ensures that transactions are compliant and enables to electronically transact with suppliers. Newton automates entire Procure to pay cycle ensuring that best practices are available to your organization at each stage.
Accounts Receivables
NEWTON Accounts Receivable will help you efficiently manage your receivable process to ensure your working capital is effectively used. It will accelerate collections, limit credit risk, enforce controls and business policy ultimately reducing cost of working capital and improving your profitability.
Risk Management
NEWTON Enterprise Risk Management is an intelligent solution designed to facilitate the management of financial risk in a volatile marketplace. NEWTON will provide ageing, exposure and other risk factors on real-time basis to help you have better control.


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