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Plastic Fabrication

The velocity you need to satisfy customer demand.
Running a successful plastic fabrication business requires resource optimization, cycle time efficiency and reduced raw material costs. Whether it is injection moulding or extrusion or it is compounding and thermoforming, raw material is the major component in your costs in addition to machine and moulds. The solution is here for you – NEWTON ERP for Manufacturing.
Newton is industry specific for your business solutions. Newton will help you control your master data (Bill of materials, granules specifications, mould, etc.) and ensure that you monitor material cost at every stage of your production process. It will help you monitor machine performance and how raw material quality, product specifications, tools and manpower affects it. We know how important moulds and tools are for you. Newton will manage their life and ensure that you get more out of them – More performance, More value, More availability.
We know your customers are always demanding better quality at reduced costs. The pressures are everlasting. Newton will give you confidence to be at industry best with cycle times, material input costs, machine utilization and conversion which occurs to be the best ERP for manufacturing.
With Newton ERP Software you are well-equipped to reduce costs, optimize capacity, and satisfy customers with quality products when and where they’re needed. With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to build your revenue and increase your margins.


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