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The Best CRM Software in India

A CRM solution gives you all the results under one umbrella. When you give them a smoother experience, you help yourself and your business. It will help you increase your sales, keep all the records of your regular clients, and ensure better work efficiency.

NEWTON CRM design to used in the Sales & Service Support enterprise, however many products like Sales, Sales & Service, Dealer and Distribution scale can be used in a business of any size. We can develop feature-rich, robust, and efficient custom CRM solutions tailored to your unique business needs.

newton crm software


NEWTON CRM Software is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial Business Intelligence. Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which are obstacles in growth and consume extraordinary resources. It has been built on a vision to automate various sales and sales related administrative functions of any business through a single window platform.

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NEWTON CRM – Key Features
  • Lead management: help you to identify your leads and the actions they’ve taken along the sales cycle
  • Workflow automation: software that lets you set up custom rules and comes with sales force automation to help you and your team be more productive. 
  • Social Media: Identify and leverage your brand.
  • Sales Order Management: Create and maintain sales orders.
  • Analytics (Reports & Dashboards): Monitor your business through easily configurable reports & Dashboards.


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    newton sales crm software
    newton sales crm software
    NEWTON Distribution CRM
    NEWTON Dealer & Distribution CRM
    • Campaign Management
    • Lead Management
    • Contact & Account Management
    • Product Management
    • Marketing Communication
    • Case Management
    • Lead Management
    • Contact & Account Management
    • Product Management
    • Warranty Management
    • Ticket Management
    • Field Service
    • Spare Part Management
    • AMC
    • Campaign Management
    • Lead Management
    • Sales Manager
    • Dealer/ Distribution Account Management
    • Product Management
    • Integrated Inventory
    • Integrated Accounts
    newton sales crm software
    NEWTON Sales Manager CRM
    newton crm for Account Integration
    NEWTON Mobile App for Sales Manager
    Mobile App for Field Service Engineer
    Inventory, Sales, Account and other Back-end systems Integration

    For us it is helping you LIVE YOUR ENTERPRISE POTENTIAL™

    As evident from the name NEWTON, the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. Newton domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few weeks, thus ensuring High ROI with our CRM software.

    NEWTON CRM is most commonly used to manage a customer relationship with Sales, Sales & Service, Dealer and Distribution business organization. this software also used in the same way to manage, business contacts, employees, clients, contract wins and sales & service leads and enquiry.

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