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Newton Case Management, a specific implementation of NEWTON Business Process Management (BPM) is crucial for any business management to manage compliances and track cases in most efficient way. System is designed on unique architecture and assures easy access and usage. The system design caters to most severe problem of usability (i.e. complexity) and easy to navigate features ensure that information entry and retrieval is convenient for end user. Most off-the-shelf products related to business management ,management, fail because they are not designed keeping in view the stress and priorities of the users in mind.
NEWTON takes care of usability factor by deploying innovative design and ideas following best practice standards. As evident from name (Newton BPM), the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. NEWTON domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few days thus ensuring High ROI.
NEWTON Case management allows business management to automate most common activities like:
  • Managing entities/users/lawyer at centralized level.
  • Managing cases as an activity of entity.
  • Centralized repository of all case related documents (As per entity & their cases).
  • Centralized Notice management.
  • Centralized Hearing management.
  • Centralized Case Stay management.
  • System driven alerts on various activities (like Expiring stay, Bank guaranties etc.).
  • On the fly interest projections (Provisions for liabilities).
  • Log maintenance for various status of Notices, Hearing and Case stay.
  • Notice resolutions (Payment Management at notice and sub head levels).
  • Internal Memos and task management.
  • Single window drill down dashboards for Case management.
  • On the fly reporting.
USP of NEWTON lies in its usability and unique expandable architecture, which allows users to implement and start using the system in no time. NEWTON provides dashboard views and alerts on most of the activities performed resulting in quick analysis of data to take proactive action.
As a web enabled system, NEWTON allows user to access the system from anywhere and update crucial information for management decision and review.


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