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Newton for Construction Business Enhance your Business Potential

Times are changing and business is becoming competitive. Small and midsize construction companies often find themselves responding to the latest crisis and barely keeping up with growth, sometimes at the expense of healthy profits.

Newton will help you translate the same challenges into opportunities.

We understand the needs of the Construction industry better than anyone else and therefore NEWTON is designed for your business to take care of business issues and challenges faced by your team. With Newton – Construction ERP you have a smart tool in your hand to help you reduce your cost and improve your efficiency and do more with what you have.

We understand user behaviour in your industry and so do the dynamics of a customer. Our Industry specific solution brings in policies and controls with ease of implementation thus guaranteeing you Lowest cost of ownership and sure-shot confidence of successful implementation.

For Construction companies, Newton will integrate all your business functions with sales, estimation, compliance & permits, project accounting & management, labour, sub-contractors and financial information in one place so you can better manage budgets, schedules, field activities, customer relationships, and the bottom line. You can deploy the system with choice to help you connect the project sites either on-line or offline depending on the importance of the site and the connectivity without losing control. You can monitor as-off-moment status of your project sites or manpower or resources or material movement or financials sitting in office or while on move, thus ensuring that the project budgets and actual are available as and when required at both project and activity level.

  • Estimate your bids automatically or projects accurately based on historic prices in BOQs or current prices or on-line schedule of rates.
  • Contract management and change orders.
  • Monitor your geographical spread project sites and people from anywhere at any level.
  • Enforce controls and policies through system to ensure your management resources are used effectively.
  • Monitor project and activities costs and schedules from any level to determine overall, real-time business performance and financial impacts.
  • Integrate your functions and processes from field to project sites to warehouses to sales offices to Head office.
  • Allocate your resources Man, Machine and Manpower effectively and monitor their cost at the project and activity level ensuring Cost control.
  • Effective Subcontractors management to ensure partnership based on transparency and trust.
  • Manage your running bills effectively and accurately through Newton integration of your project contracts & rates, BOQs, project execution and accounts. Generate project wise activity wise work done, billing and earnings and collections.
  • Monitor project execution on real-time basis and manage Budgets v/s actual at project and activity level for all resources.
  • Learn from projects within the company at a place and adapt that learning on projects and activities of same kind elsewhere.
  • Achieve financial control and invest more in your business doing more projects.


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