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Newton will help you build business with confidence. With Newton you will get more with what you have with effective business management.
More performance. More Value. More productivity.
Newton Solution will help you trace any finished goods lot to raw material, machines and people. You will be able to maintain.
Complete transparency across the entire value chain. We have the ERP for FOOD & BEVERAGE INDUSTRY.
Newton will help you plan your procurement based on orders in hand and business plan. You will reduce the capital tied-up in inventories and improve profitability.
With complete tracking of production process, Newton will help you monitor resource efficiency, effect of raw material attributes and quality on the yield, monitor lot costing based on standard bill of materials.
With Newton you will be able to get more out of your assets. With complete integration of processes,you will be able to improve their availability, performance and utilization. With preventive maintenance and job order handling, you are always in control of your key assets.
With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to build your revenue and increase your margins.


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