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Equipment Service Management & Rental

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Equipment Service Management & Rental

Newton will help you manage your entire Equipment lifecycle from equipment procurement through to receipt, renting, movement, usage, servicing and final disposal with its Accounting software. Newton Equipment maintenance software – The ERP software will also help you get more out of your equipment by improving availability and performance.
If you are in Rental business, Newton will also enforce controls and policies while contracts with customers are negotiated. It helps you save valuable man-hours that go in invoicing and will ensure that no revenue is lost.
If you are in Equipment Sales, Newton will help you integrate the processes to improve customer satisfaction by providing them the required information, product selection and technical know-how. After sales will become major profit earner through Newton by ensuring improved customer service and equipment availability and performance
Availability. Performance. Customer Service.
You may be dealing in Equipment in any industry whether Construction or Mining, Agro, Medical, Oil-field, Vehicles, Laboratory, Scientific, etc. Newton ERP & CRM Software is the right solution for you. Whether you’re looking for support for your after-sales service organization or need an all-encompassing system to include your manufacturing operations, we can help. Our software empowers every aspect of your laboratory or medical equipment business including:
  • Sales and marketing
  • Manufacturing
  • Parts management
  • Service centre
  • Call centre.
  • Planning, scheduling and dispatch.
  • Support for mobile workforce
  • Workshop
  • Rental
  • Finance
With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to build your revenue and increase your margins.


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