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Electronics, Hi Tech & Consumer Durable

Get your Electronics and other Consumer Durable business on fast track. Move faster. Improve Performance. Improve Profitability.
Whether you are an OEM or an OE supplier or Electronics. Because we bring the best ERP for Electronic company for you. Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, margins in electronics goods whether televisions, washing machines, refrigerators, components, assemblies or others are reducing day by day with competitive environment around you. You can use ERP for Manufacturing Industries best with Nippon Data’s Newton ERP. The cost of products is also reducing with fast innovation in your industry. If there is lack of innovation or there is delay in bringing products to market on time, you risk your margins and investments.
You have to have integrated supply chain in place on your system which can help you react faster to demand fluctuations and price changes. Newton can help you do that.
With Newton we have ERP for Electronic company, you can gain visibility across the entire value chain, helping you take timely and effective decisions. Newton fast ERP implementation methodology for your industry specific solution will help you reduce time & cost of implementation and will also reduce stress on your already stretched manpower and other resources. Newton will be up & running faster than any other solution helping you get benefits in your fast-changing industry in lesser time than any other solution.
With Newton you are guaranteed lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership to build your revenue and increase your margins.


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