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What Our Customer Saying

Emilia Clarke
Anuj Gaur
CEO, Coptech
“We attribute our remarkable growth and success to the transformative power of NEWTON's ERP system, which streamlined our operations, empowered customer relationships, and elevated our financial management capabilities."
Emilia Clarke
Trilochan Pradhan
IT Head, Bharat Masala
"At Bharat Masala, our journey to success has been guided by our unwavering commitment to quality, innovative strategies, and the transformative impact of NEWTON's ERP system, which has empowered us to lead and excel in the competitive spice manufacturing industry."
Emilia Clarke
Ajay Goyal
CEO, Angelique International Limited
"At Angelique International Limited, our partnership with the NEWTON ERP system exemplifies our dedication to technological advancement and operational excellence, enabling us to thrive as a global leader in the EPC sector."
Amitabh Sinha
Co-founder and Chief Product Officer
“Nippon Data has been a great business partner, providing quality product development resources to augment a High-performing development team with ambitious targets. The professional support and attention to the relationship have been excellent and I would highly recommend them.”
Balvinder Singh
Finance Head, Pratham
"At Pratham, our collaboration with Newton ERP has empowered us to amplify our impact in the education sector, showcasing the profound synergy between technology and our mission to provide quality education to underserved communities across India."
Shakeel Khan
IT Head, Shree Krishna Paper Mills
"The integration of NEWTON ERP into our operations has been the cornerstone of Shree Krishna Paper Mills' journey, combining technological innovation with strategic vision to enhance efficiency, customer satisfaction, and future prospects in the paper industry."
Akshay Gupta
IT Head, JMA
"The partnership between JMA and NEWTON's ERP system exemplifies how embracing technological innovation can rejuvenate established companies, enhancing efficiency, supplier relationships, and strategic insights for reaching new heights in business excellence."
Roopak Matto
CFO, Roop Auto
"At Roop Automotives, our journey towards excellence showcases the profound impact of NEWTON ERP integration, where streamlined operations and data-driven decisions have been pivotal in propelling our growth and success in the competitive automotive industry."