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What Are the Types of ERP Software Based on Their Characteristics?

Do you want to operate your business in a world where you can automate and integrate all your business functions as well as information in a centralized area? You can make this possible by implementing the right ERP software. Furthermore, with suitable ERP software, you can collect, interpret, and share data as well as information across several departments in real-time. However, there are many ERP software available in the market. So it is vital to know what can meet your needs most perfectly.

You can find about 250 different types of ERP software solutions in the market which makes it difficult to look through all of them and find the most suitable one. However, learning about the types of ERP software can help you in your research. ERP software can be classified according to its characteristics:

On-premises ERP Software

On-premise ERP software runs on in-house servers at your location or at a location that is under your control. With that, you get the utmost security and control as you use your own IT infrastructure in order to connect people, systems, and processes. Furthermore, it can be changed as the needs of your organization change.

Cloud-Based ERP Software

Contrasting to on-premises ERP software, cloud-based ERP software runs on a secure server of the vendor. It allows the integration of every department under a single umbrella. Furthermore, it acts as a central repository for a company’s vital business data. Users can connect to the cloud ERP software using the internet with any device, at any time, and from anywhere.

Hybrid ERP Software

We can define hybrid ERP software as a combination of both on-premises and cloud-based ERP solutions. So we can say that with a hybrid EPR solution, you can get the best of both worlds. It is not only cheaper in terms of cost but it is also more efficient as it provides the reliability of on-premise software. It can easily and promptly integrate systems such as CRM, sales, and accounting.


No matter what type of ERP you choose, it will be the most vital asset for your business. You can consider NEWTON ERP which is a flagship product of Nippon Data. It can meet the information management needs of businesses operating in diverse segments ranging from single-location, and single-product operations to multi-location, multi-product, multi-factor, and multi-division operations. If you still have any doubts regarding EPR, we are here to help you. We will discuss your needs and suggest you the most suitable ERP solution as per your needs.