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top reason to choose NEWTON ERP

Top 10 Reason to choose NEWTON ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a software solution that businesses use to manage their daily operations such as Sales & Marketing, Finance, HR, CRM, Project Management, Supply Chain and more. ERP software facilitates enterprise performance management on a real-time basis, and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

If you are a small/medium or enterprise business, NEWTON ERP is just the right software for you.
Explore the benefits of NEWTON ERP in this blog,

1. Single Point Solution: End-to-end integrated solution to address all your needs

• Complete application infrastructure eliminating need of expensive in-house infrastructure and resources, ensuring high Return on Investment

• No need to install any application specific hardware or software at premises

2. Enabling business process automation

• Free valuable manhours from clerical monitoring of people and work through effective process automation

• Get clear competitive advantage and grow your business by doing more with existing resources

3. Industry specific solution: Suitable for your growing and changing needs

• Specific functionality required for your industry to give maximum benefits for your IT investments

• Plug-in additional modules from NEWTON’s suite, such as CRM, and integrate quickly and easily as your needs grow

• Nippon Data as a Single Application partner = Reduced project management burden for you

4. Low Total Cost of Ownership to fit your budget

• Pay ONLY for what you use. Avoid capital expenditure and reduce costs with low cost of implementation and resources for support

• Reduce Total cost of Ownership (TCO) by atleast 50% in comparison to traditional Software licensing pricing

• Enjoy continuous upgradation and added features without any extra cost

5. World Class Processes: Automated adoption in minimum possible time

• Industry specific and readymade processes ensure quick implementation

• No burden on internal management or need for investment in expensive implementation processes

• Quick implementation ensures continued employee enthusiasm towards new system and little or no interruption in their regular work

Top 10 Reason to choose NEWTON ERP

6. Investment Protection: No risk of outdated technology

• New features added to solution regularly without any extra cost and interruptions in current business processes

• Avoid forced investment in version upgrade as in traditional software solutions

7. Ensure statutory compliances and stay secure

• Integrated processes and mandatory data points ensure your compliance to statutory requirements in business transaction data

• Continuous support for best practices to always stay audit ready

• Data encryption, strong and configurable access control policies and enforced GDPR compliances to ensure top-grade security

8. Get benefits beyond process automation

• Manage your cashflow effectively. With optimization at every level, reduce costs and improve cashflow

• Easily track and review customer satisfaction metrics to improve quality of services, ensure timely delivery and enhance relationship with customers

• Track dues and ensure timely payments to improve supplier satisfaction, resulting in better procurement terms

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9. Be on the top of your business: Build a 24×7 on-the-move enterprise office

• Carry on your tasks from anywhere in the world – approve requisitions, assign tasks, access information required to take decisions and get 360 degree real time view of customers

• 24×7 availability of the solution – effective data replication and backup make it setback resilient; ongoing technical support via chat, email, SMS, dedicated help desk to ensure timely query resolution

10. Reporting beyond just day-to-day transactions

• Real-time analytics and actionable insights to enable proactive decision making instead of post-mortem

• Improved productivity with data-driven strategy, planning and implementation that leads to effective cost control, reduction in losses and increase in  profitability

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