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Helping A County Manage ADA Issues Better with an Issue Tracking Application

Our customer is a government county responsible for ensuring public health, safety, welfare and efficient public services for residents in California’s San Joaquin Valley. The County had performed a survey of approximately 900 county facilities few months back to check if they are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) access. More than 18,000 ADA compliance issues were unearthed by the survey. It wanted to build an ADA issue tracking app to help the County constantly track the progress of issue resolutions.

AgreeYa tailored a Microsoft 365 based ADA request tracking app which utilizes SharePoint (for frontend and database storage), Power BI (for reporting), and Power Automate (for alerts and workflows). The request tracking application enabled the County’s ADA department staffs and managers to track and receive updates on the ongoing issue fixes. The department managers leveraged the easy-to-use tool to bucket accessibility issues in different facilities to be carried out each year and track costs, status and before & after pictures associated with ongoing projects. Download the Case Study to read more.

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