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In the public sector, the pressure to operate efficiently and transparently comes from all sides. Citizens expect both high-quality services and reasonable tax rates this is what we need, the business management. Regulators require increasing levels of reporting and accountability. Given the diverse and aging assets of most public-sector organizations, it’s a tough challenge.

It is increasingly difficult for many public-sector organizations to meet the demands of their constituents for more responsive service and keep pace with a growing set of responsibilities. Agencies are being asked to do more with less, and to provide detailed, timely information about how all public funds are spent.

Newton industry specific solution for Public Sector provides you software for both citizen facing and back-end functions of your organization. Newton is an adaptable, affordable management solution that helps public service agencies improve operational efficiency and deliver on the promise of better service to citizens and employees. This solution connects people, information, and processes across your organization

Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, Newton for Public Sector solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration while delivering responsive front-office services. Our solutions support business management and process across a wide range of government functions, from Budgeting to accounting and procurement to case management and social services to Asset Management.

Our solutions support state and local government, public authorities as well as education organizations.

Newton ensures lowest possible Total cost of Ownership by giving industry specific solution for Public Sector & Government and through fast implementation

Find out some of the things you can do with Newton as a Government organisation. Read more…. Citizen contact management, Budgeting, Finance & Accounts, Purchase, Stores, Asset Management, HR, Payroll]


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