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Newton – Your tool to address market challenges and Excel.

Newton Manufacturing is suite of Enterprise Business Management designed for your industry to help you manage costs, reduce overheads, improve response to changing market conditions and be more competitive.
You can have a simple or a complex Business Process.  You can be a discrete, process or mixed-mode manufacturing environment.   Newton Manufacturing will help you do more with what you have.
With Lean Manufacturing and other best practices built-in into Newton, you can manage your business confidently without having to worry about controls and efficiencies of the integrated processes enforced.
With Newton Business Suite, your company can improve the strategic alignment and efficiencies of financial, human capital and operational processes. With enhanced enterprise productivity and insight from the Newton ERP Software, you have the power needed to adapt quickly and cost effectively to changing business, market and industry requirements with ERP solutions that include:

  • Newton ERP Financials
  • Manufacturing
  • Process Manufacturing
  • Quality Management
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Service Management
  • Wholesale & Distribution