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You understand how important it is for your business to leverage the value of your fixed assets. NEWTON – ENTRPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT solution, part of NEWTON – ERP software for business solutions suite like inventory management helps you managing the deployment, performance and maintenance of your company’s assets.

NEWTON takes you beyond adding, transferring, depreciating or retiring assets. Newton will bring financial control and improve availability of assets.

With NEWTON you will achieve Total Productive Management. You will put a preventive maintenance process in system with best practices that will help you do more with what you have and discover what you need to do. You will have an integrated end-to-end Enterprise Asset management system to manage all phases of asset life cycle more so if you are a capital-intensive industry like Automotive, Transport & logistics, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining and Aerospace & Defense.

NEWTON – Enterprise asset management allows you to manage key asset management activities, including:

  • Asset Planning, specification and design – Define Assets Designs, specifications and BOM.
  • Procurement and asset construction, installation, and implementation – Supplier selection, bidding and contract management, Project management, Change management, information handover for commissioning and start-up, and project and investment controlling.
  • Maintenance and operations management – Handle technical asset management, Effective Asset Maintenance through Total Product Management, MRO parts and services procurement, MRO inventory management, employee and contractor management, asset accounting and maintenance budgeting, and asset performance analysis.
  • Decommissioning and disposal – Perform asset transfer and disposal, engineering and project management, waste management, regulatory compliance management, and asset resale.

NEWTON functionality will help you

  • Improve availability and performance of your assets
  • Implement TPM
  • Monitor cost of maintenance of each asset
  • Effectively maintain history and knowledge
  • Define budgets and maintain financial discipline
  • Reduce your cost of production through better asset utilization and performance