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Nippon has designed and developed a variety of test and measurement solutions for various companies in the industry. The solutions range from Testing and Measurement products for measuring the functioning of high-speed communications networks to products for repairing and trouble shooting networks and systems.Nippon data expertise across multiple verticals allows it to develop expert solutions to meet rigorous requirements of the industry. The capability to design custom Test and Measurement equipment calls for expertise in numerous areas. It requires a deep understanding of the components which are used in the design and also an understanding of their limits. Nippon employs a combination of development processes and experience which guarantee that the testing and measurement solutions that we develop conform to the stringent requirements of the customers.

Test and Measuring Instruments

With electronic gadgets shrinking in size, featuring advanced wireless capabilities, and gaining in complexity, testing has become a vital process in manufacturing. The growing focus being shed on production testing to enable timely defect elimination and prevent late stage equipment failure, is the demand for Test and Measuring instruments. Testing in manufacturing, maintenance and support now are as crucial as opportunities in research and development. Key benefits driving the adoption of Test and Measurement equipment in R&D product, production and maintenance include high product quality, and lower costs associated with product malfunctions, repairs, replacements, product call backs and repeat production.


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    Electronic Measuring Instruments

    Test and Measurement instruments are vital to any electronics lab. Apart from being high on the ease-of-use and learnability factor, today’s latest Test and Measurement equipment provide a platform for students to bring their imaginative ideas to life and develop their skills right from basic engineering to advanced level. These instruments aid academicians in their research and development (R&D) activities as well as performing and writing up new experiments. The single biggest recent advancement in test equipment is inclusion of digitization of signals and computer analysis capabilities. Many instruments now have internal PC platforms that operate the instrument and perform the necessary calculations to process the measurement data and deliver detailed displays and reports to the user.
    Electronics have become an integral part of our lives, as standalone consumer and communications electronics devices and as components in vehicles, homes or industry. Electronics development and production are impossible without test and measurement equipment. Scientech's test and measurement instruments are in demand worldwide wherever signals must be generated or analyzed in labs or production.

    Areas of Expertise

    We have over 15 years of experience in providing end-to-end semiconductor services leveraging cutting edge technology solutions.

    Our range of services includes

    ACL Digital has been delivering design and verification services and solutions to semiconductor vendors across the globe.
    With a team of specialized engineers of Physical Design, DFT Synthesis, and STA, ACL Digital can give you a one-stop solution
    Experience bug free software with ACL Digital’s test automation frameworks and error diagnosis system. Our team of competent
    At ACL Digital, we give you the most suitable and customized design and layout on a variety of Analog IPs & High-Speed Interface IPs such
    ACL Digital has over a decade of experience in providing hardware and software design, development and testing services for
    Our expertise in software development from C++ to Java can build apps for both Android and iOS. Our embedded software team is

    Design Services

    Our team of experts has experience on various aspects of RTL Design flow on chips that are extensively used in networking, mobile, automotive, multimedia and processor sectors.
    Our design service suite consists of the following
    • SoC Architecture
    • IP Micro Architecture
    • RTL (Register-Transfer Level) Design
    • SoC Integration
    • Linting, CDC
    • Low Power Checks
    • Synthesis
    • LEC (Logical Equivalence Check)
    • Timing & DFT

    ASIC Verification

    Digital’s skilled verification team has proven – expertise in comprehensive verification services helping deliver bug free chip.
    Our verification service consists of the following
    Experience bug free software with —– Digital’s test automation frameworks and error diagnosis system. Our team of competent engineers working in the FPGA Emulation and Validation team are experts in prototyping and emulating complex IC designs for streamlined system debugging and software bring-up. Be it board bring-up, development of test automation frameworks, error diagnosis or system debug, our FPGA Emulation and Validation Services team can provide you with the most suitable solution.
    Our distinguished team has experience in working with various semiconductor industries across the globe for System Level Testing, Signal Integrity, Bench Marking, Test Content Development and Automation.

    ASIC Verification

    • GLS
    • FPGA design
    • FPGA prototyping
    • Emulation
    • Post Silicon Validation
    • IP Validation
    • Protocol Qualification
    • Processor Based Emulation
    • Digital has over a decade of experience in providing hardware and software design, development and testing services for Automotive, Industrial Control and solutions around IoT technology. Our technical team has experience in complete software development lifecycle, with involvement right from requirements analysis stage up to the final release and acceptance of the software.
    • With experience in various hardware platforms and processor architectures as well as real time OS platforms, —– Digital can enable embedded system development involving hardware design, software development and hardware/software integration. With our partner-ecosystem, we can enable functional prototyping, pre-compliance testing and volume manufacturing.

    He architecture consists of the following components

    System Software
    Operating Software
    Middleware – Multimedia
    Middleware – Connectivity
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    • Professional services
    • IT consulting
    • Manpower
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