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Nippon Data Consulting Limited (NDCL) is a team of London-based UK accountants who are highly experienced outsourcing service providers for UK accountancy practices.

We are committed to providing good value for money for all our customers and offer a high degree of knowledge of IT and software systems for accountancy outsourcing.

  • For accountancy firms, we guarantee to provide a 100% viable solution to drive your accountancy practice to efficiency and productivity.
  • We seek to understand your core business and how you want it to work and to make Nippon Data Consulting Limited an integral part of your operation.

Our accountancy services are driven by an excellent team of qualified accountants, tax advisors and back office staff.

In the current climate of continuing recession, we are finding the demand for our accountancy outsourcing services is higher than ever. We have invested considerably to develop the infrastructure and capacity that can support our expanding customer base to offer a cost-effective and efficient accountancy service, whatever your requirements.