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  • Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue
  • Track sales opportunities
  • Forecasting Sales
  • Better understanding of your sales
  • Improve the value of your campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness of your campaign
  • Contact Management System

Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue

  • Improve sales process to increase your sales revenue
  • Capture sales leads from all sources
  • Track sales opportunities.
  • Find leads that require follow up
  • Report on sales revenue forecasts and timing
  • Manage sales teams, territories & funnels
  • Single location for all sales data (prevents loss arising from staff movements)
  • Web based; accessible from anywhere at anytime
  • Better understanding on your sales pipeline and sales outcomes; who is your best player?
  • Set up territories and teams efficiently.
  • Close the loop between Sales and Marketing department
  • Visualize your sales team calendar and workload
  • Sales Automation
  • Link your website ‘enquiries’ form to Newton CRM using the system leads flow (Lead provider)
  • Real-time updates on your sales pipeline for sales management
  • Unify the data across channels by centralizing them within one system
  • Emails and comments are associated with the right leads and opportunities
  • Assign leads and tasks using Newton CRM task management or business rules system automatically
  • Qualify leads in or out rapidly
  • Use our unique Custom Form technology to quickly, easily and on the fly create scripts and custom fields to streamline the sales process
  • Improve conversion rate and closing opportunities
  • Easy customer/partner database separation

Track sales opportunities

  • Gain and leverage a keen understanding of the customer
  • Add comments about the customers and use for marketing campaigns
  • Develop ownership in your team by improving the customer relationship management experience
  • Better identification on your sales pipeline and their sales stages
  • Establish sales processes internally and externally and automate them
  • Track all activities and interactions between the sales representatives and the accounts
  • Follow-up sales activities
  • Shortcuts and saved search are accessible via the dashboard. Data is updated on the fly
  • Review your pipeline effectively

Forecasting Sales

  • Track efficiently and in real time your sales pipeline as well as forecast dates for a better understanding of your sales funnel.
  • Measure your pipeline value in 2 clicks
  • Fine tune your sales process by easily adjusting forecast dates
  • Increase accuracy of your revenue projections
  • Define a better sales process vs. win/loss by identifying the reasons
  • Easily and quickly data mine your sales data into a format that you can easily understand.
  • Workflow Automation System
  • Automatically create and assign task and/or activities by using the workflow automation. Define your own triggers as well as the resulting actions.
  • Distribute leads within the system to your sales representatives, agents

Better understanding of your sales

  • Measure success on metrics that matter to your business
  • Create a 360% view of the customer
  • View and analyse the key performance indicators of your sales force.
  • View and analyze in 1 click the value of your pipeline via report wizard.
  • Improve and speed-up your decision process
  • Develop define scenario vs. your current methodology
  • Measure your failures and your success
  • Better and deeper insight into your customer relationships – CRM software

Improve the value of your campaigns

  • Enable marketers to get the insight they need
  • Streamline the offer to what the customer requires
  • Model and predict profitable loyalty and motivations
  • Reassess your marketing campaign vs. results
  • Efficiently manage your campaign effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your campaign

  • Conduct elaborate analysis of your marketing email campaigns… and link the results to your Sales CRM contacts
  • Analyze in 1 click your campaigns and their outcomes.
  • Understand your market and what your customer want – report on who clicked a link and which link they clicked
  • Retrieve and compare campaigns
  • Study, data mine and measure the effectiveness of the email content: opens and clicks, opens – unopened, opens over time, clicks, clicks over time, opens by time, opens by email address, clicks by link, clicks by email address, unopened, opt-outs.
  • Close the loop between sales and marketing by exploiting the results from e-Marketing.

Contact Management System

Don’t lose any more time on keeping track of clients. A Contact Management System can keep track of various contacts information in way that optimizes the performance of the sales staff.

Among CRM software solutions, Newton CRM is considered to a leader. It offers both on-premise as well as a hosted solution.


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